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Improve your Crypto CFDs Trading through our AI-driven Research and Order Placing Tools. Our Tools Make Your Crypto Trading Journey Extremely Easy and Fun. We also Offer Advanced Risk Management Tools!

All trading involves risk!

7 January 2022 | Updated:

Immediate Edge Australia Features

Powerful Trading Research

Immediate Edge is your best bet for accurate trading research. The tools under our platform are built on AI to ensure speedy and accurate data analysis. These tools help our clients conduct technical and fundamental analysis at a high success rate. This explains the great trading success reported by our clients.

Instant Order Execution

Immediate Edge users can access the best global liquidity through our platform. The quality liquidity ensures that all the orders are executed instantly. This prevents delays that can lead to losses due to negative slippage. Negative slippage happens when orders are placed at a worse-off price.

Secure Trading Platform

The safety of our clients is always our priority. We ensure high-level data safety on our website and the server. Data privacy is the first line of defence against all forms of cyberattacks. Most attacks begin with stolen personal information. We have invested in a cyber incident response team to address any security threats that may arise.

Why Trade With Immediate Edge Australia?

The crypto industry has become increasingly unpredictable as the price swings widen. This makes the traditional trading methods more tedious and risky.

The chances of succeeding through the traditional crypto trading methods are extremely low today. Immediate Edge Australia aims to bridge the gap by offering high-quality AI-driven trading tools for the crypto industry.

These tools help users to easily conduct trading research and order placing. The tools also ensure high-level trading accuracy. Immediate Edge helps you capitalize on price swings in both the bull and the bear market. Try us now, and you will not regret it!

Trade The Rapidly Changing Crypto Markets Like A Pro Using Our Expert-Tested Tradin Tools!


1. Is Immediate Edge a fake or reliable platform?

The Immediate Edge trading research tools have been tested by many experts and proven to work extremely well. These tools are built on AI to make the CFDs trading on up to 300 crypto pairs easy and fun.

2. What are the Immediate Edge crypto trading tools?

The tools offered under the Immediate Edge Australia platform make your crypto trading journey extremely easy. These tools help users in trading research and minimize the risks associated with crypto trading.

3. How do I identify the official Immediate Edge Australia website?

Immediate Edge Australia is one of the top-rated crypto trading platforms that are widely cloned by scammers. Its popularity is what makes it a prime target for the clones. The cloned sites are dangerous since they are likely to be used to steal your data.

4. Is Immediate Edge Australia legal?

Immediate Edge Australia provides trading tools to be used through the assigned brokers. All the brokers that support our trading tools are of high quality. Moreover, they are legal in all our jurisdictions of operations.

5. How much do I pay to use the Immediate Edge Australia tools?

You won’t pay a dime to use the Immediate Edge Australia trading tools. You need to fund the account assigned to you by the broker with at least USD250 to use the trading tools. The Immediate Edge Australia trading tools can only be accessed via select brokers.

6. Can I use the Immediate Edge tools on my smartphone?

You can use the Immediate Edge tool on the mobile trading platforms provided by the assigned broker. The tools can be used alongside the trading research resources the underlying broker provides.

Immediate Edge Australia App Review - A Detailed Perspective!

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a platform that provides a collection of tools to help ordinary people trade cryptocurrencies successfully.

We support volatility trading on up to 300 crypto/crypto and crypto/fiat pairs. Immediate Edge classifies the pairs according to their volatility and profitability potential. The pairs with the highest potential are traded first.

We reduce crypto trading risk through advanced Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) tools. You will find a guide on our resources page explaining their application. Before going live, you need to take our risk appetite test and try out the risk settings on the demo.

A risk appetite test evaluates your financial status and trading psychology to determine the risk levels to apply. The SL and TL features eliminate emotions in trading by predetermining when winning or losing trade should be closed.

This is extremely important since the emotions of greed and fear are the biggest enemies of success in trading.

How does Immediate Edge work?

We offer a variety of advanced trading tools to help ordinary people trade the swings of up to 300 crypto pairs.

You must sign up on the official Immediate Edge Australia website to use these tools. After signup, you will redirect to one of the many brokers working with us. You can only implement the provided trading tools through a broker.

The brokers working with us have customized their trading systems to support our tools. As explained above, we offer tools to make crypto trading easy. These tools also improve the trading research accuracy by a huge percentage.

Trading research involves analyzing market data to predict future price patterns. Proper trading research involves the study of both quantitative and qualitative data. The data analysis is extremely tedious when conducted in traditional ways.

News Trading

Breaking news play a major role in the demand and supply of crypto. Positive crypto news drives the demand hence pushing the prices up.

On the other hand, negative news triggers a sell-off hence pushing the prices down. An effective news trading strategy should capture breaking news and take positions before the market can respond.

An instant buy order should be implemented if the news is expected to trigger a price gain. A sell order should be executed if the news is expected to trigger a sell-off. The analysis and executions should be instant, given the speed at which crypto prices adjust to new information.

We offer the best tools for trading crypto-related news. These tools are equipped with NLP algorithms to identify and trade the news as they happen.

Price Trend Analysis

The price trend analysis technique attempts to predict future price movements by studying recent trend data.

This approach is based on the assumption that asset prices behave the same when certain conditions are met. Studying the price patterns helps the trader identify related price behaviour and assign it to specific market conditions.

Price trend study is tested across different asset classes and proven to be highly lucrative if implemented accurately. But implementing this technique successfully through the traditional trading methods is tedious and complicated.

You need trading knowledge and considerable trading experience to implement this technique accurately. Immediate Edge eliminates the trading skills requirements by offering game-like technical analysis tools.

These tools help users easily analyze hundreds of historical price charts to forecast future price behaviour. You should find your way around the price trend analysis tools within an hour of practice.

Immediate Edge Australia Website and trading platform

Your trading journey with our tools begins on this site. Navigate to the top left corner of this page and submit the required registration details through the provided form.

You can use our trading tools on your desktop or mobile devices. Our tools work on web-based trading platforms such as the MT4. You can use the tools on various browsers, including Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, or Brave.

Our tools are also compatible with trading apps such as the MT4, cTrader, and more. Please note that you can only use the tools through the broker connected from this page. Upon completing the registration on this page, you will connect to a locally registered broker.

Immediate Edge Australia on Social Media

We have a huge social media presence in Australia and other countries. Immediate Edge Australia has over 500k followers on FB and Twitter alone.

We also have a huge following on Reddit with tens of threads and hundreds of thousands of followers. Many followers have reviewed us positively on our social media platforms. The reviewers report dramatically increasing their trading success through our tools.

Moreover, most report that our tools have made their trading experience fun. We have discovered that some popular social media pages spread fake news about our platform. These social media pages post headlines suggesting that certain celebrities have invested in us.

Other pages falsely claim that we have appeared on some mainstream TV shows. Please take extra precautions since the links in the fake posts do not redirect to the official Immediate Edge Australia site. Read on to learn about some of the fake news you should avoid.

Did Immediate Edge feature on Shark Tank Australia?

Some viral Facebook posts claim that Immediate Edge Australia has appeared on the Shark Tank. The Shark Tank is a TV show aired in Australia and the US.

This show features entrepreneurs presenting their products and ideas to a panel of investors. Immediate Edge Australia has never appeared on this show. Moreover, we do not intend to raise money from any individual or institution.

Did Immediate Edge feature on Dragons Den?

The rumour about Immediate Edge Australia featuring on the Dragons Den is fake news. These fake posts are likely to have ulterior motives. We have gone through several related posts and found them to include links to malicious websites. You must be extra careful when seeking information about us.

You should bookmark this page to avoid falling victim to the cloned sites. Immediate Edge Australia only operates under one domain.

Is Immediate Edge Legal in Australia?

We operate under multiple brokers. These brokers are authorized to operate in over 50 countries.

Most of our underlying brokers are authorized to operate in Australia. You should treat the brokers independently and analyze them carefully before moving to the next step. Immediate Edge only provides trading tools to be used through the brokers.

We do our best to partner with the best brokers. However, we aren’t responsible for any action taken on the linked broker’s page. All the trading conditions are provided by the brokers. Moreover, the deposits and withdrawals are facilitated by these brokers.

Immediate Edge Australia login page security

We have invested in top-grade encryption to protect your data. This is crucial, given that most attacks begin with stolen personal information. Any information you submit to us through the login page is instantly encrypted through the AES 256 encryption.

This encryption protocol is classified as military-grade, given that it’s foolproof. The AES 256 encryption is the best for preventing sophisticated cyberattacks such as the notorious Brute Force Attack. The Brute Force Attack involves a bot trying out different password combinations to access a site with a weak password.

We offer a guide to help clients secure their accounts with strong passwords. A strong password is your first line of defence against most forms of attacks.

Final Word!

The crypto industry is experiencing rapid changes today, thanks to the increasing mainstream adoption. These changes are triggering crypto volatility never witnessed before.

We offer tools to help you capitalize on this volatility successfully. Our trading tools make the crypto CFDs’ trading journey easy, fun, and lucrative. You can confirm this by reading the thousands of verified Immediate Edge Australia testimonials on the web.

We have earned a big name in the industry, with experts rating us extremely well. Immediate Edge is one of the most reviewed crypto CFD trading tools on the internet today. Thousands of traders who have tried us have rated us well on Trustpilot and other platforms.

The experts also rate all the Immediate Edge Australia trading tools amazingly well. You can try your luck today by registering a free account here. 

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